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Parkinsonism was first described by James Parkinson in 1817 as the “Shaking Palsy” 

  • Parkinson’s disease (PD)

What is IT? 

It is a  Chronic, progressive neurodegenerative condition of the brain associated with motor symptoms…

It is a progressive condition, of the central nervous system…

symptoms present gradually and slowly worsen. 

Basically, its a Neuro Disease that affects movement..

The most recognisable symptoms are movement (Motor) related which include Tremor, Bradykinesia ( Slowness of Movement) rigidity and imbalance.  

The role of a Podiatrist 

Key role in patient care in keeping them mobile comfortable and staying motivated & positive…

Those who suffer from a  Parkinsonian gait may experience ankle or foot stiffness, and leg and knee pain, so the range of motion in the ankle is altered so routine checks for their range of motion in the foot and ankle looking particularly for the quality of motion in these areas 

The role of podiatry is key in maintaining and providing routine foot care, advising on suitable footwear, and monitoring for any neurovascular changes. Observing state of the skin,  Skin changes …

 observe any tissue stress etc  looking for any areas which which may lead to hyperkeratosis. Or nail Diseases…..

All with the aim of keeping their feet as pain-free as possible and comfortable. 

(simple thing of reminding you to keep your feet well hydrated)

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